We are a Filipino Cultural lifestyle in the Heart of the Philippines

Were not just an Eco tourism destination 

An abundance of fresh fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables, cultural cuisine, cultural life with the Happy loving Filipino people, they would be happy to share their last bowl of rice with you! Come explore…

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”
– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
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CoCoy's KiteBoarding School, Odiongan, Tablas Island - CoCoy 0919 688 3731

Romblon Province the Diamond of the Philippines Galapagos

Romblon Province is the Diamond Galapagos in the Heart of the Philippines, with 20 Islands on offer, Southern Tablas Island is just a short boat ride from world-famous Boracay, which hosts over 1 million tourists a year, the boat ride ia aprox 1 to 2 hour on Banka Boat, and 40 mins on speed boat.

The past three years have seen a large growth in tourism and cultural tours in Romblon Province, Romblon is also the Marble country of the Philippines, with many Marble craftsmen making marble products, statues, floor tiles, exporting marble worldwide. Romblon Marble

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There are many foreigners now who are Investing, retiring, building resorts, vacation homes, and coming to Romblon on a regular basis, the cost of living in Romblon is very low compared to other parts of the world, making this an affordable place to live, retire or visit for a vacation.

Looc Bay on the central Tablas coast line is the home to Tablas Fun Divers,  it is nestled in the beautiful bay of Looc, Tablas, Romblon. Boasting an untouched stretch of water with a fish sanctuary and healthy marine life surpassing some of the best in the world, with scenery that changes daily and a friendly, warm atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

Perfect both for those traveling alone and families or groups wanting fun and adventure while on a relaxing or exciting adventurous, its a great adventure for the backpackers who frequent the islands during our tourism seasons.

Tablas Island is a untouched Real Cultural Island Paradise, with a thriving eco-system that is yet to be Discovered, golden sandy beaches, white sand beaches, emerald blue ocean waters, caves, waterfalls, historic, agri tourism, nature, all rolled into Romblon Province.

Romblon has the potential to truly become one of the Philippines top dive destinations with it pristine reefs, underwater cave’s and undiscovered wrecks, sting rays at Cresta De Gallo island and 1 kilometer sand bar.

There are several PADDI Certified scuba dive resorts in Romblon, Tablas, Carabao, Sibuyan Islands, with some of the worlds best corral gardens, walls, the blue hole, come explore some of the unexplored. 
The North of Tablas even has its own Blue Hole that has remained untouched since the last ice age when it was created.
Romblon Province has a 20 Islands cluster, all filled with adventure and their own unique offerings, hosted by the Filipino Culture, experience the culture first hand, the cuisine, the eco lifestyles, healthy happy, all wrapped up in the 20 islands of the Romblon Province. 
The Islands have great traditional Filipino Cuisine on offer, an abundance of Fresh Fish, Sea Foods, Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Historic Churches and Buildings.
A Bio-Diversity of nature, Fish and Marine Sanctuary’s Turtles Sanctuary’s, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Family Adventure, White Beaches, Airport, Ports, the list just goes on, but for sure experiencing Romblon is an experience not to be missed.

Deo Fausto Islands Adventures - Romblon Province - Deo 0918 329 8185

Boracay to Tablas Adventure riders

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Romblon Province of 20 Islands right in the Heart of the Philippines


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