Green living in romblon province

Tablas Island is the gateway to the Islands with the Port in Odiongan and the Airport in Tugdan, most commercial trading is done from Tablas Island, even though the Capitol Island is Romblon Romblon, The Islands are under the governance of  Governor Lolong Firmalo, a true visionary, as see the future of the Romblon Province on the upturn, and looking at further Eco-Solutions to better protect the Province, People,  and livelihoods around the province.

Green living in romblon province

Romblon Province is already becoming home to several Eco Projects including Organic Farming, Bio-fuels, Tree-Planting Projects, we have included some interesting Information, Videos and Files for you to view of other successful projects from different parts of the world.


We hope some of these examples can be utilized here in Romblon province. We will be Introducing Romblon province to many organizations globally, to see if we can get some resources, funding and volunteers to come and help with some projects we are planning here in Romblon province.

Governor Firmalo already has several projects underway, one being the Breeding Station remodeling and Improvements Project, the Governor is a great visionary, and supports Romblon province all the way in our en-devours to  make Romblon Clean and Green.

The 3R’s of going green – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – are in that order for a reason.

The greenest product is the one you don’t buy, but as we can’t live on air alone then we need to make more informed purchase choices and precycling is related to “Reduce” – the most important of the 3R’s, and also to “Reuse” which is sometimes referred to as “Repurposing”.

Precycling is about reducing waste by avoiding items that will generate it, or selecting certain items that will generate less, or acquiring items that can be reused for something else. It’s just another way to lighten our environmental footprint that covers a myriad of possibilities, but being an avid precycler can also save you money too.

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