Odiongan Hospital Tablas Romblon

Odiongan Hospital brand new buildings, Governor Lolong Firmalo of Romblon Province has been working very hard in the last year, since he took over as Governor we have seen some great changes in our province, the Governor is a true Visionary, a man who puts a lot of thought before his actions, his dream for Odiongan Hospital has finally materialized for the people of Romblon.  

Odiongan Hospital, Tablas Romblon

The new Odiongan Hospital as Promised by Governor Firmalo. Romblomanons, this is great news for us all, and a much relieved Province, also with three new private hospitals to open around Odiongan in 2011

For several years Governor Lolong Firmalo has had a dream about Having a brand new Odiongan Hospital, Odiongan Hospital located at Tablas Island, the Governor is a Doctor himself and has always wanted to have a brand new hospital in his home town of Odiongan. Well Governor Firmalo, from all of us here at Romblon Lifestyles, we are very proud of this Press Release Sir, your dream has come to a reality, Odiongan Hospital is finally materializing, hats of to you sir, and Salamat Po form everybody here in Romblon. Ingat Dr. Lolong Firmaolo The Visionary, who puts thoughts into action.

Good news! DOH has given grants of P22M and P116M (total of P138M) for the construction of a new Odiongan hospital complex at Romblon Provincial Hospital, Odiongan Hospital. As a result, RPH will be upgraded from a secondary to a tertiary hospital.

There will be 2 new 3-story buildings at Odiongan Hospital, complete with doctors' clinics and new ward rooms. Construction starts in November. Here are the architect's perspective on what the complex will look like at Odiongan Hospital